Build 20180415 uploaded

Well, I wanted to make a bigger patch to qualify it as Update 5, but most of the changes were done in the last two builds (Update 5 was meant as an improvement of technical stuff). But the changes present in the update are significant enough to push it over to Update 5. And the funny thing is that I went a bit nuts when I noticed a bug which turned out that it wasn't in the previous build. So I rushed the patch for nothing. :(

First off, the new lighting was implemented for the dungeons. Some of them received a re-design, to host the new lighting in order to improve the presentation. This also switches up the gameplay a bit, when combined with the present mechanics.

The rest are mainly performance improvements. I have re-worked a bit of the logic in Crystal Cave a bit to remove unnecessary code. The renderer received a few more tweaks to improve stability and performance, along with fixing a possible bug with the fonts. The biggest change is the reduction of the space the visual assets take. This provides quicker load times (in some cases) and reduces memory and space requirements. That should make the game run better in memory constrained systems. Oh, and the manual got some cosmetic changes. 

Along with improvements to the tutorial.

Now that the patch is live, I can focus on the thing I showed in the previous post. The public test beta needs some tweaks here and there.


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Version 0.20.5-20180415 Apr 15, 2018

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