Build 20180221 Uploaded!



-Re-designed Aigina.

-Polished the Battle UI.

-The mission in the Crystal Cave will no longer result in Game Over when Maria dies.

-Tweaked the enemy AI in the Crystal Caves.

-Reduced the amount of Ice Spiders in battle.

-Fixed a bug where Jena couldn't equip Handgear.

-Fixed a bug that caused the counters in the States to not update properly.

-[Workaround]Adjusted the size of the DP counter to reduce the garbage numbers taking up the DP bar.


-Fixed a bug where the Export option would crash the launcher and the standalone Save Manager, due to not accessing the strings stored in the Northbridge Core library.


Game Package 179 MB
Version 0.20.4-20180221 Feb 21, 2018

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