A (sort of) progress report.

Well... it's been a while posting any progress reports. I haven't done much that would be interesting to publish on a Bi-Weekly Update (and I was for a few days on a vacation). I've done some work on Immortal Sins, but most of it was to improve my workflow.

First up, I installed additional RAM on my laptop. While it is powerful enough for me to work, the lack of RAM did make working on Visual Studio (and sometimes in the game) a hassle. 4GB of RAM wasn't enough for the things I wanted to do on the laptop. So, after saving up for an extra memory, I bought it and added to the system. This upgrade was a worthwhile (despite the laptop being stubborn to open. It was only a three-step disassembly, but man, the clips were a bit stubborn) since the extra memory boosted the system's performance (quite a lot, in fact, due to the memory running in dual-channel mode). I can now work a lot more comfortable.

The other thing I did was to purchase a more specialized software to write the dialogue on. While I did use LibreOffice (and Word, before my Office 365 subscription ended), it is quite a hassle to sift through my notes that I keep. I bought a novel writing software, due to its workflow. I re-organized my notes and brought them over to the program so I can have them easily accessible when writing the dialogue.

That's pretty much it (apart from the bug reporting server was upgraded to Windows Server 2016). Most of the things I did for Immortal Sins was writing the dialogue and making a few guild missions.

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