Build 20171216 uploaded!

Hello everyone!

A hotfix build was released today to fix some bugs of high importance. It took me a while to ship this hotfix due to issues packaging the game. Anyway, here's the changelog:

-Fixed a bug that caused the settings to load improperly. This bug also causes a crash to the game when you start for the first time.

-Improved diagnostics by using a more reliable location detection code. This fixes a hiccup where the launcher would falsely detect that the files are missing.
-Fixed a bug where the Quick Load option wasn't disabled when there weren't any saves.

Hopefully, this is the last of missed bugs, so I can work on an expansion kit. Also, this is the first build that was uploaded with butler, so new users may see quicker patch downloads for those who use the app. Hopefully it went well on your side. If it doesn't install the patch, you may need to re-install the game.

That is all for now. See you on the next post.


Game Package 179 MB
Version 1 Dec 17, 2017

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