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What is this?

This tool automates the compilation of JavaScript files with NW.js' compiler. The compiler creates binary versions of the files, ensuring protection of the source code. The tool also packages the code (and the assets) on an archive that Nw.js can read.

How do I use it?

First of, you'll need to do a few modifications to the project. I've included the replacement code you need to apply to your project (after deploying it, of course). After that, it's pretty simple: Tell the tool where the nwjc.exe file is (RPG Maker MV has the SDK as well, which includes nwjc, but you can download a different version from https://nwjs.io) and the project you want to compile. In a few minutes, you can upload the game to the public.

Do note: once you compile it, you can only use the same version of nwjs for the same operating system. So, if you compiled the game with SDK Version 0.30.4 (for example) on Windows, you can only use the code with Standard Version 0.30.4 on Windows.

Command Line Arguments (CLI Version):

To compile the project quickly with the command line arguments: nwjsCookToolCLI.exe --SDKLocation "<put the location of the SDK here>" --ProjectLocation "<put the location of the project here>"

Or in Linux: ./nwjsCookToolCLI --SDKLocation "<put the location of the SDK here>" --ProjectLocation "<put the location of the project here>"

(Yes, you need the quotes there.)

Command Line Arguments:

--SDKLocation: Sets the location of the SDK.

--ProjectLocation: Sets the location of the project.

--FileExtension: Sets the File Extension for the compiled files. It's used like this: --FileExtension <insert file extension here>

--Parallel: Turns on Parallel mode. You can use it without the previous two arguments as well.

--ReleaseMode: Removes the JavaScript files after compiling.

--CompressProject: Compress project after compiling. "--CompressProject Final" (without quotes) removes the files after compression. Only works with the ReleaseMode flag.

--TestMode: Test the game after compiling. Cannot work when the CompressProject argument is in place.

System Requirements:

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or newer.

Any computer that can run RPG Maker MV (and/or MZ) games, practically speaking.

NW.js SDK. You can use any version you want (preferably 0.22.x or newer).


Can I use it on Linux with WINE (or Proton or <insert a compatibility layer here>)?

Depends. If it is to make the Windows version of your game, then yes (assuming that it can run .NET Framework apps). If you want to use the tool to make the Linux version, then no. You can use the Console App version on Linux, though.

Can I use it on my current project?

The tool is a wrapper for the nwjc. I have used the tool for my project and I haven't noticed any issues. So, it has a "go-live" license (as in, it's OK to use it on your projects).

Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tagscompiler, nwjs, RPG Maker, wrapper
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesGreek Modern, English
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rpg-maker-mv-cook-tool-cli-windows.zip 3 MB
Version 2.3.0-20220915-rev.1
rpg-maker-mv-cook-tool-cli-windows-arm.zip 3 MB
Version 2.3.0-20220915
rpg-maker-mv-cook-tool-cli-linux.zip 4 MB
Version 2.3.0-20220915
GUI Version (64-bit Windows) 69 MB
Version 4.0.1-20220915
GUI Version (Windows On ARM) 65 MB
Version 4.0.1-20220915
Command-line version (Windows) 33 MB
Version 2.2.1-20220531
Command-line version (Windows, Experimental ARM build) 30 MB
Version 2.2.1-20220531
Command-line version (Linux) 32 MB
Version 2.2.1-20220531
Command-line version (Linux, Experimental ARM build) 30 MB
Version 2.2.1-20220531

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Hi, can we have option to convert .json file too?

just incase issues aren't seen (I'm new to github so i'm not sure how most of it works) I encountered an issue with this tool, and have reported it on it's github page